Hiring: Ravenous Media Assistant

About Ravenous Media:

Ravenous Media is an independent publisher of a semi-annual journal, Ravenous Zine. In its first year in print, Ravenous has sold through three print runs, has been picked up by 30 stockists worldwide, and has been featured in Vogue. The mission of the publication is to highlight stories of women who are forging new paths to create a more remediative future, with an emphasis on decolonization and nature-based practices. You can learn more about Ravenous at www.ravenous-media.com

Scope of work:

The Editorial Assistant position will include many aspects to running and assembling a small, independent print publication, and the assistant will work closely with the Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director to handle many aspects of the day-to-day management of the business. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the world of indie publishing or running a small, ethically-minded business.

The scope of work includes: management of emails and customer service, assistance with growing our wholesaler base, packing & shipping orders (temporarily until we move to a printer that handles fulfillment in 2019), research, editorial work, some copy writing & copy editing, and potentially some instagram management if that is of interest to the applicant.


  • Organizational skills

  • Experience using Google Drive, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and basic file management

  • Familiarity with the basics of writing emails and managing correspondence

  • Interest in the subject matter of the publication (please have some familiarity with it before applying)

  • Ability to conduct research tasks beyond a basic Google search

  • Experience in the publishing industry a plus but not required

  • Some design experience or interest a plus but not required


$15/hr for a max of 10 hours per week. Schedule can be flexible. College credit available in place of payment for current students in their Junior or Senior years.

To apply:

Please send a cover letter and resumé to ravenouszine@gmail.com with Ravenous Media Assistant in the subject heading.

Thank you!!

The Alchemist's Kitchen and Ravenous: Recovering the Creative Process

Founder, Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director Mallory Lance gave a talk at The Alchemist's Kitchen about Recovering the creative process. 


If you're interested in exploring your potential guided by the wild spirit that lives within each of us, come join us for this conversation about the creative process, craft and recovery.

with Ravenous Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Mallory Lance


Are you looking to find or embrace your creative spirit but can't seem to decide what you want to make or how you're going to make it? Are you in a creative dry spell? Are you having doubts about the path that you're on but feel like it might be too late to make a change in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed by city life and are you in need of embracing your wild feminine? Do you need to howl at the moon?

Moderated by Rachelle Robinett, founder of Supernatural, and featuring Mallory Lance, founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of Ravenous Zine, we will discuss these elements as well as how Ravenous Zine can be used as a tool to get your own creative flow in motion.

You can read a full in-depth interview about Ravenous on The Alchemist's Kitchen website here.