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What Is A Witch Without Her Coven

  • The Alchemists Kitchen (map)

Do you feel the call of your inner witch? This conversation seeks to explore why so many of us have felt drawn to the occult, herbalism, tarot, astrology, or other healing modalities. 

With Ravenous Zine Founder Mallory Lance, Pam Grossman, Dianca London Potts, Kristen Sollée, and Staci Ivori  

Do you feel the call of your inner witch? Have you felt drawn to the occult, to herbalism, tarot, astrology, or other healing modalities but feel you are alone in your friend circle? Do you hope to do work that is more aligned with your world views but something is holding you back?

There are many solitary practitioners out there and while we do not seek to discredit their practice by any means, this event seeks to discuss the power in uniting, the power of mutual support. And to shed light on the idea that we all may benefit from creating more connections with one another.

The past couple of thousand years have born witness to many witch hunts across the globe. As we heal from generational trauma associated with this, it makes a ton of sense why it can be so daunting for us to unlearn our social conditioning and speak our truth. Conditioning that tells us we cannot or should not support other women. That if we're independent or different, we will be attacked by groups of other women.

This talk seeks to explore ways that we have been conditioned to be pitted against each other, and explores how we can overcome these fears. Practicing in their own coven, Pam Grossman of the Witch Wave, Dianca London Potts, Kristen Sollee of Slutist and Witches, Sluts, Feminists, and Staci Ivori will join Ravenous Zine founder and editor-in-chief Mallory Lance in this exploration into the Witch, covens, and all you need to know to start your own.

$30 advance

$35 at the door